On the Interpretation of Blog Titles

My friends at Desiring God posted an article of mine. What an honor and privilege to partner with a ministry that had meant so much to me over the years!

I received a question about the meaning of the title “Corporate Worship is Better than Your Quiet Time”, and whether I should pit two important things against one another.

It may help to consider there are two ways you could understand the title:

The first way is to compare and rank what you do in corporate worship over and against private devotions. (Not my point!)

The second is to say that corporate worship as a special act is better than treating corporate worship as your private encounter with God.

It’s the second meaning I am driving at in the post. As I say, corporate worship is not a “collective quiet time.” That’s the point of the content of the article, and how the title should be understood.

I totally deny that private devotions compete with the weekly gathering. In fact, they enhance each other! But we must make a shift in our mindset on Sunday morning, that this is something far different. And it’s better for you to enjoy it for what it actually is: the assembly of the saints.


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