Review: Imagination Redeemed


Imagination Redeemed: Glorifying God with a Neglected Part of Your Mind, Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Matthew P. Ristuccia (Crossway: 2015)

I loved this book. Short, insightful, stimulating. It has inspired all sorts of desires for further reading and writing.

Veith & Ristuccia argue that the imagination is a largely neglected sphere of Christian spirituality, but is one of the most powerful capacities granted to God’s image-bearers. Our imagination—our inner thoughts consisting of images, memories, fantasies, aspirations—cannot be ignored and will inevitably be cultivated, either by the our flesh or by the Spirit.

After the introductory chapter, the book is structured around the four imaginative visions of Ezekiel. In each chapter, literature professor Gene Edward Veith Jr. opens with a survey of the role imagination plays in life, literature, philosophy along the given topic (ch. 2, God; ch. 3, evil; ch. 4, the future; ch. 5, the community of grace.) Then Matthew P. Ristuccia, a New Jersey pastor, illustrates this principle through one of the four visions given to Ezekiel in the Babylonian exile. Each chapter concludes with a final “colloquy” where the two authors conspire to set forth a pastoral application for cultivating the imagination in the Christian life.

The portions by Gene were very interesting and thought-provoking. The expositions of Ezekiel by Matt recaptured my imagination, and grew my desire to spend more time in the Word of God. And the pastoral applications were challenging and hopeful.

Highly recommend! (Only 150 pages!)

My rating: 5/5


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