Review: The Signal Flame

In his novel, The Signal Flame, Andrew Krivák guides us through the year 1972 in the life of a Slovak family in rural Pennsylvania as they anxiously await news about Sam, a Vietnam marine reported MIA. The disciplined and quiet elder brother, Bo, is left to care for his widowed mother, Hannah, and his brother’s fiancé, Ruth, in the wake of their grandfather’s sudden… Read More Review: The Signal Flame

Review: Submission by Michel Houellebecq

Has the gaping crater left by the ravages of European modernism, with all its caricatured secularism and crusading feminism, actually set the stage for a neo-medieval solution? Michel Houellebecq’s satirical novel, Submission, imagines the near-future rise of an Islamic government in France as a welcomed salve to the social deconstruction of post-enlightenment Europe. In a… Read More Review: Submission by Michel Houellebecq